This site is dedicated to the memory of Haydon Brown.

My dad was one a million, a genuine gentleman who was loyal, trusting and committed to his family and friends. However, due to the lack of publicity and research into lung cancer he didnt think anything of it when he developed a cough that lasted for weeks. In the space of a month my dad went from a fit and healthy 48 year old to a man who had to break the news to his family that he would not be around to see christmas or any other milestone that were happening this year- his youngest daughters 18th birthday (he passed away 1 week before) and his only grandson turning 1 and every milestone that comes with a baby growing up. No parent should ever have to bury their child and this is exactly what his mother had to do. No person should work their finger to the bone to provide for their family yet not live to see the day they retire and enjoy their retirement. My parents had so many plans for their retirement and how they were going to celerate their 25th wedding anniversary that collided with my dads 50th birthday. 48 is no age to die and we need to raise more awareness and fund more research to prevent this happening to other people. Rest in peace Dad,i will not let your death be in vain x